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The dance of life

fevereiro 22, 2021

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We watched a video posted on Facebook showing flowers growing from seeds on the ground. Someone took the trouble to film them and put it in burst mode so that the viewer could appreciate the growth in detail. The name of the video is ‘A Dança da Natureza’ (The Dance of Nature) and this is the link:


We were ecstatic watching the beauty of nature’s development and action. Imagine if we filmed our life in this way! Perhaps we would remain silent in the face of the difficulties we experience by looking closely at the events that resulted from them, and, thus, we would see ourselves with more realistic eyes, equally valuing the good and bad moments. It would be the dance of our life, which in reality is what is shown to us when we disincarnate, in the famous recap of our entire history.
In The Spirits Book, Kardec asks the Spirits in question 132:

‘What is the purpose of spirit incarnation?’ And the reply is:
‘God imposes incarnation as a tool to reach perfection. For some it is a means of making amends, while for others it is a mission. Every spirit must experience the difficulties of physical existence to reach perfection, therein lies their atonement. Incarnation also requires a spirit to contribute to the work of creation. To fulfill this purpose, spirits assume physical bodies in harmony with the material state of each world to accomplish the missions that have been appointed to them by God. Through these missions they contribute to the general good while also achieving their own advancement.’(1)

Kardec adds the following information after this question:
‘The action of physical beings is necessary to the operation of the universe, but God has wisely designed this action to serve as a means of climbing closer to God. Thus, through the law of providence, all things are connected and everything in nature is united.’(2)

To reach perfection we need to act in the environment we are in and do it with courage. In the above mentioned case, the flower goes with the natural flow of life, according to what is expected from the kingdom to which it belongs, rising towards the light, towards the Creator. It stands the action of the sun, the rain, the beings that circulate around it and enjoys all of them, like we do. It becomes the flower it is expected to be, just like us, who have progressed to express the best version of ourselves, on our journey towards the light.
The Spirits who helped us reincarnate are attentive, accompanying us in each step of the way, watching over us and emitting energies of love, monitoring our growth as someone who planted the seed in the ground and patiently awaits for our development until we reach the “flower” we planned to be. We were meticulously placed in this incarnation by a detailed reincarnatory plan of the Superior Spirits so that we act exactly where and with whom we are now to develop like the flower in the video, interacting in the Earth, in life, because everything is interconnected in a wonderful way. Seen this way, life becomes so precious, so beautiful, so valuable.

Time goes by so fast on the video, but in real life it seems like it takes so long. We want everything resolved in our lives so quickly, we want to get somewhere as if we would indeed be happy there. But that never seems to arrive!

However, it turns out that time does not seem to exist when we are focused on what we are doing, especially if we enjoy the activity, so the answer is to keep in action. If this action has a noble, constructive purpose, the whole nature collaborates like the environment does with the flower that simply fulfills its role. If this action is done with discipline, patience and perseverance, it will generate love, which builds wonders.
The famous scientist Stephen Hawking, who was totally paralyzed by the degenerative disease that led him to disincarnate, said that although he could not move, his mind flew, so for him life passed quickly, because he was busy with his studies, which were very important to the world. He acted by means of the mind, and the love and dedication to studies moved his life. He was like the flower that grew, apparently unsuspected to a passerby, but both were making progress.

Looking at our grown-up children now, we realize that time, which previously seemed not to pass, actually passed very quickly. It would be good to look at our family, at the people we know, at our friends, at events, the way we appreciate the flowers growing in the video, perceiving and marveling at every detail, because one day everyone and everything will have passed, and the experience with them will be over, at least in the role that everyone has in this incarnation in relation to ours.
We should learn to value each blessing that the Creator provides us, and also learn the lesson of each defeat and each victory well, without turmoil, but as observers eager for learning.

The difference between watching the flowers in the video and our life is that after careful observation, we can act, changing everything that our conscience denounces as wrong.
If we didn’t exist, everything would be different. Every flower we have seen in life has changed us to some degree. Each of us plays an important part in the world, just like the flower.

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Maria Lúcia Garbini Gonçalves
Maria Lúcia Garbini Gonçalves

Tradutora, mora em Porto Alegre/RS, estudante da Doutrina Espírita, trabalha no Grupo Espírita Francisco Xavier como médium.

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